The essential is invisible to the eyes

The delays in delivery times are common in the BRG industry. At Optima, we decided to minimize these eventualities taking preventive measures. All the way from the engineering of the product to production planning, each strategic decision seeks to imporve our service experience.

Optimizing formulas

It reduces the number of materials and allows us to use only those materials that offer the maximum reliability and durability. These product qualities result in:

 • Immediate price quotations
• Quick purchase order agreements
• Minimization of warranty claim events

Idle Capacity

As a policy, we sell only 80% of our production capacity.
This idle capacity help us be consistent with our delivery times, respond quickly to our clients’ replacement needs.

Clear and timely information

Combining precision and quality with quick delivery times is only possible if there is great transparent communication between client and manufacturer.

 • We give updates on model changes
• Do delivery follow-ups
• Provide frequent updates on production, deliveries and account status