Clear Answers

We have invested for years in technology so we can give clear and exact information to our clients

All of our clients have access through WhatsApp, Zoom, email and phone to at least 2 contacts, capable of giving you answers to ALL your requirements in less than 24 hours, no matter the project complexity.

Optima Ballistic Glass has an organizational culture focused on customer experience and transparency. The long-term relations are much more important than the short-term sales.

Our executives will give you only clear and honest answers.

Our warranty claims statistic is the lowest in the industry. Nevertheless, we look at our client’s problems as an opportunity to show our commitment and agility. Warranty claims are answered in less than 24 hours and usually only a couple of photographs are needed to resolve the problem.

Our software gives us immediate access to all the required information about each part manufactured by Optima, so we can identify and correct problems swiftly. Production, quality and logistics information for each particular part available 24/7 to our executives.

Cleaning tip

The ballistic glasses have three different surfaces that require specific care.

  • The external surface is glass and can be cleaned using abundant water and soft detergents like Windex, Joy or Mr. Clean.

  • After washing, dry the glasses with a clean absorbent cloth.

  • Avoid the hot water high pressure washing and abrupt temperature changes.

  • The edges of the glasses must be cleaned with a clean and moist cloth.

  • Avoid using solvents like thinner or acetone.

  • The internal surface is a polymer, and more sensitive to chemical attacks and scratches than the glass on the external surface. Extreme caution when cleaning this surface. No chemicals, no hard/dry cloths.