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Ballistics, science and normativity

Ballistics is the science that studies the behavior of projectiles and the resistance of the materials at impact. The glass formulation requires profound knowledge of the subject for continuous performance improvement.

Optima bullet resistant products are periodically subjected to rigorous tests to comply with international standards and count with certifications by the most prestigious independent laboratories, Beschussamt Munchen, Beschussamt Mellrichstadt, and Chesapeake Testing.

We believe it is important to share some concepts related to ballistic normativity, so we can have a transparent and clear discussion about protection with our clients and the end users:

International Ballistic Normativity Organisations
For the European Union the official standards are norms CEN, VPAM or ESTANAC. For the United States, norm NIJ (National Institute of Justice) is the most common, but European Norms are also considered. Used correctly, these standards promote product reliability by providing parameters for a clear conversation about ballistic performance.
Ballistic Normativity
These norms specify the performance requirements and test methods that are useful in classifying the ballistic resistance level of the transparencies.
Ballistic Tests
Each ballistic Standard specifies different testing conditions, defining many variables like: Weapon type/ Caliber/ Ammunition/ Weight of ammunition/ Distance to target/ Bullet speed/ Number and position of impacts/ Size of the sample/ and many more.